All About Us

At we have some fundamental root principals.All of our policies and actions find their origin within these few basic ideas:

  • We believe in strict Egalitarianism

  • Our sole purpose on this planet is NOT to enhance and accumulate wealth

  • We work to live and not the other way round

  • We (still) have faith in humanity


We are a small software company in Mannheim, Germany started in 2010 by a bunch engineering students of Universtiy of Applied Sciences Mannheim. We have quite a few projects running at the moment and are very excited about the prospects. One of these projects is Flexi Comment Box. This comment box was brain child of Ali Syed in the fall of 2009. The first two versions of Flexi Comment Box were non commercial. From third version on, when introduction of Flash user interface shot the amount of time and effort invested through the roof, this project went commercial.

We are extremely grateful for the support GermanScholar has provided us with.